If you’re wondering how much premier rhinoplasty in Sydney will cost, the answer is less than you would expect.
We encourage you to contact us today to explore your varied options. Dr. Chan wants to help you realise your aesthetic goals and can advise a solution to fit your budget. Dr. Chan offers payment plans which begin at $50 per week.

Receive an obligation free consultation from a leading rhinoplasty specialist

If you’re considering nose job in Sydney, we recommend contacting us today for an obligation free discussion. The cost of a Rhinoplasty consultation is $175. This price is prepaid and non-refundable

Your first appointment

Your ideal appearance is achievable. Your first appointment with Dr. Chan will be both informative and interactive. After completing a Patient Acquaintance Form we will generate a patient file for you. This form will detail your prior medical history, including any past surgeries or pre-existing medical conditions, as well as current medications. We need to know this information during the consultation to offer you accurate information about the procedure and realistic results.

There are four facets to the consultation. We will address:

  • What your goals are and how Dr. Chan will go about achieving them
  • What these goals could look like in real life, based on a generated computer image
  • How close to the computer generated image you can expect results to be
  • What the surgery involves
  • Possible complications of surgery
  • Cost of surgery and waiting times (if applicable)

Your goals

During your consultation Dr.Chan will take a profile and side image of your face. Dr.Chan will then listen to your intended goals and discuss with you the results you are wishing to achieve. Dr.Chan prides himself on listening carefully to client’s concerns and offering informative advice. However, the consultation gives you the freedom to make your own individual choices regarding your ideal nose shape. Dr.Chan will alter your picture using state of the art technology. You will be able to see the impact of each change at every stage. During the process you will be able to establish your desired, ideal nose. This image will be saved and kept as a reference for during your operation. You will also be given a copy of this digital image to take home. Dr. Chan will let you know if any of your expectations are unrealistic. Surgery will proceed on this basis.

How close to the computer generated image will my real-life results be?

When you have selected a final result that you are happy with, Dr.Chan can discuss with you any difficulties he anticipates in recreating this nose structure. Dr. Chan is generally able to perform surgery within 75-80% resemblance to the original compute image. Dr.Chan has a portfolio of before and after photos of previous clients, demonstrating this.

These images detail:

  • The initial photograph taken at the patient’s first consultation
  • The profile image that the patient designed, detailing their desired nose
  • A photograph of the patient’s profile two months after rhinoplasty

Dr. Chan will point out to you the differences between the anticipated results and the actual results as shown in his portfolio. Almost all cases show marked improvement when compared to the patent’s profile before surgery. It is very important to understand that rhinoplasty is intended to achieve incredible improvement, rather than absolute perfection.

How will the surgery be performed?

Dr.Chan will make use of informative diagrams to show you what the surgery involves. These will indicate:

  • How the height of the nose can be reduced by way of bone removal or reduction
  • How the size of the lower half of the nose can be reduced by way of cartilage removal
  • How the nose tip can be lifted through cartilage refinement
  • How the width of the nose base can be altered by the removal of excess skin
  • Where the related incisions will be made during surgery


Dr.Chan will be transparent with you in regards to any possible complications or side effects of surgery. He will provide you with detailed information of what you can expect following surgery and address any concerns you may have. If you require further written information, please click here.

What is the pricing structure of the surgery and how long do I have to wait?

During your consultation Dr.Chan can provide you with a detailed quote for the procedure. As every operation is as unique as you, we can’t detail online what a standard nose job in Sydney might cost. We can assure you that Dr. Chan’s pricing structure is extremely flexible and reasonable considering his experience in the field.

If you wish to book the procedure, we can advise you of the waiting times on the day. Waiting times will vary depending on the time of year and how many other procedures have already been booked for your desired time frame.

Please feel free to bring a support person along to the appointment. Please note, however, that this person will not be able to accompany you in to the initial stage of the consultation. The decisions you make in regards to your surgery should not be influenced or impacted by anyone but you. Dr.Chan wants to understand your personal goals, expectations and concerns. Once you have discussed the changes in private, Dr.Chan will be happy to speak with your support person to detail and explain all of the preceding discussions.

To find out what rhinoplasty in Sydney might cost, please contact Dr.Chan for an obligation free consultation, on 1300 DR CHAN. Alternatively, please enquire via our online form.